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Saw Service of Washington, Inc. (SSW) is a family owned and run business, initially opening our doors in 2006 as an LLC.  Coupled with prior experience, we possess over 20 years of knowledge in the metal cutting industry.  Our business is band saw blades and we are good at it.  We have grown from our initial shop and office space of 741 square feet to our current footage of over 5,000 feet. The sales staff of SSW are knowledgeable and we pride ourselves in customer service, guaranteeing every single one of our welds.  Saw Service of Washington, Inc. is a certified Weld Center and has two production lines with a third coming online early 2020.  All of our manufacturing equipment is made by and shipped from Ideal in Germany.   Our manufacturing turn-around is two to three days and our shipping delivery across the USA is within five days.  We will always ship the most economical way to save you money. 

DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com is ahead of our competition and so you can stay ahead of yours!  Our quality metal cutting band saw blades are sharper, stronger and will last longer to provide you with maximum cutting quality and cost effectiveness. 

From the performance of our products and our excellent customer service, we here at DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com always go the extra mile for you.  Our passion for performance, determination and teamwork have enabled us to provide you with a superior metal cutting band saw blade for your cutting needs.

Our Goal

We at DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com are passionate about bringing you maximum cutting performance and value.  You can experience the results of that passion in every metal cutting blade we make.  Discover how our metal cutting band saw blades cut smoother, straighter and faster.  The metal cutting band saw blades from DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com will cut from easy-to-cut materials like aluminum or low carbon steel to tough materials like stainless steel and nickel-based alloys and bring you extreme cutting rates for maximum productivity.  Our band saw blades will give you superior blade life that yields a remarkably low cost per cut.  We at DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com will deliver the results you need by using quality designs and the finest materials.

The folks at DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com strive for customer satisfaction and are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients.  Switching over to DeWalt Band Saw Blades will be a drive for excellence.  You will notice an immediate difference when using our metal cutting band saw blades:  Longer benchtop/metal cutting blade life and cleaner and smoother cuts.  DeWalt metal cutting band saw blades are quieter, decrease the vibration during the cut and will give you a more accurate cut.

Whatever you need to cut, DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com will provide you with the power to do it!  DeWalt Band Saw Blade.com will get your blade(s) to you quickly, easily and cost-effectively.  Put our expertise to work!  Purchase your DeWalt band saw blades and you will see the difference in your metal cutting.

DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com guarantee’s our weld workmanship for our metal cutting band saw blades.  Our superior workmanship of welds is priority for DeWalt Band Saw Blades.com.  With over 100 years in the industry, the breakthrough performance of our material is enabled by uncompromising engineering, top-quality materials and manufacturing excellence for metal cutting band saw blade manufacture.  Your success means our success in the metal cutting band saw blade world!

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